There are 50 questions in Prueba B1+ - C1. You have 45 minutes. Good luck!

1. Winnie drove into a small Spanish village late in the evening and was too exhausted to continue any further so she stopped at the first hotel she saw.

“ …1… you give me a room for tonight?” she asked the receptionist. “I’m sorry,” he said. “You should have booked in advance. If you had, it would have been fine. But now we’re completely booked. I wish I …2… suggest somewhere else but this is the only hotel here and every room …3… “ “Damn!” Winnie said “I …4… since noon and I’m totally exhausted.”
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5. “Well,” he said politely, “before …5… completely, …6… the register. Someone …7… his or her reservation. Yes, here’s an email. “I …8… on the 18th instead of the 16th”. “You can have this room for two nights if you like.” “Thank you ever so much.”, Winnie replied glad but exhausted.
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9. ______ carry the groceries?
10. ______ he needs is to study more.
11. ______ she sees, the more she eats.
12. ______ a good thing your mother didn't see you do that.
13. Anthony and Nick find playing golf _____.
14. Billy was _____ they met at the reception.
15. Carol likes hearing her own voice. She never stops _____ .
16. David must make her _____ her work.
17. He’ll be _____ work tomorrow if they want to have a meeting.
18. He’s made an _____ for you to see the optician at 11 o’clock next Wednesday.
19. His car is _____ mine!
20. I don’t think we’ve seen each other before. You must be confusing me with _____ .
21. I’ve _____ seen this film.
22. It looks _____ it’s going to be a hot day.
23. It was _____ that the company had to hire more workers.
24. It’s pleasant to go for a drive _____ a spring afternoon.
25. It’s the _____ flower they've ever seen.
26. James stayed under water for one minute and then swam to the _____ .
27. Janet missed the bus home yesterday. So _____ .
28. Pedro’s mother wanted _____ classes at home because she thought he would learn English faster.
29. She _____ in her written assignment.
30. She robbed the bank and they put her _____ .
31. She was a good swimmer so she _____ to win all the races.
32. She’d like that, _____?
33. She’ll go to San Francisco for her vacation _____ it isn’t too expensive.
34. Shondi doesn’t believe those people, _____ they say.
35. She works _____ architect.
36. Steve came to the wedding, _____ he hadn’t received an invitation.
37. That’s the new car _____ .
38. There’s not much to see here _____ Mondays.
39. They _____ your speech again.
40. They didn’t expect him to _____ at the university graduation. They thought he was still in Australia.
41. Tish didn’t take the flat because she couldn’t afford the _____ .
42. We’re not used to _____ late.
43. When I see the waitress I’ll _____ the bill.
44. Why _____? It’s perfectly fine.
45. Will Elias be able to come to the wedding?
46. In this series of questions, three words have the same sound but one does not. Choose the one that does not.

Example:        A do B so C show D go
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* Campo obligatorio.